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Aderia Japan

Courbe Tumbler

Courbe Tumbler

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Introducing the Courbe in Amber. This tumbler has a capacity of 220ml and is handcrafted in Japan.

Crafted from lead-free soda-lime glass, it guarantees safety and heightened stain resistance. Additionally, the Courbe undergoes a 'Rim Tempering' process, ensuring prolonged durability by guarding against chipping.

Lifting the Courbe reveals a weighted base designed to enhance stability by lowering its centre of gravity.

The amber hue of this glass evokes a sense of vintage charm, reminiscent of an era gone by when amber glass was chosen to safeguard light-sensitive liquids from UV rays. Today, it effortlessly infuses a touch of timeless style and sophistication into your home décor.

Volume: 220ml
Dimensions: M84 H91
(M indicates maximum diameter & H indicates height of product)

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