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Aderia Japan

Nacelle Tumbler (S)

Nacelle Tumbler (S)

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Elevate Your Moments with the Aderia Nacelle Tumbler

Discover the Aderia Nacelle Tumbler – it comes in two sizes 180ml and 240ml. Made in Japan, this all-purpose glass tumbler is made from lead-free soda-lime glass and 'Rim Tempered' to ensure lasting durability against chipping. Its imperfect shape invokes a sense of wabi-sabi and provides visual interest to your table setting.

The petite 180ml tumbler has a wider mouth and is perfect for pouring a small latte or serving up some ice cream.

Nacelle adds a little charm to your everyday routine, whether it’s a glass of water, your morning cup of coffee or a late-night ice cream indulgence.

Elevate your experience with the Nacelle Tumbler today.

Volume: 180ml
Dimensions: 180ml M80 H72
(M indicates maximum diameter & H indicates height of product)

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